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Entries are open for the artists' residency / workshop with the invited artists Jonathan Saldanha, Moor Mother, André Tentúgal and Vasco Mendes, in a partnership between the Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival and the School of Media Arts and Design, to be held in July of 2018, inserted in the combined program of the Mad Summer School and Curtas.

This international event, organized by the School of Media Arts and Design (ESMAD), in partnership with Curtas Vila do Conde, is part of an advanced program of masterclasses, workshops, art residencies, debates and cinema sessions of the MAD Summer School, valuing the cinematographic expression, but also the dialogue between Cinema and different transversal areas that cross with it, such as sound, music and art performance.

In the 2018 edition, the program dedicated to the Cinema area will focus on a multidisciplinary artistic residency that will have as trainers the artists Moor Mother (USA) and Jonathan Saldanha (PT), as well as the video artists and filmmakers André Tentúgal (PT) and Vasco Mendes (PT), with the accompaniment of ESMAD tutors and elements of the Curtas production team. With this proposal, MAD Summer School of Cinema and Curtas offer an intensive learning experience for artists, students and professionals in the field of cinema, in intersection with sound, music and performance.

The MAD Summer School of Cinema will be held in Vila do Conde in July 2018, along with Curtas festival program. Participants will have at their disposal the facilities and equipment of ESMAD, as well as the many iconic locations of this historic city. They will also have free access to all official programming of the Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, including masterclasses and film sessions.

The results of the joint work process of the Artistic Residence and the Video Workshop will be integrated into the schedule of the 26th edition of the Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, in prime time.


Description | Context

Moor Mother, a North American artist and activist, joins the Portuguese sound sculptor Jonathan Saldanha (HHY) for an artistic residence conceived by Curtas Vila do Conde. This artistic residence is intended to involve a group of young people from Vila do Conde who, under the guidance of the musical trainers, will develop an original show, with presentation during the 26th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, in July 2018. It intends an alternative approach to local social realities, transposing them into the context of a transdisciplinary spectacle. On the one hand, we will count on the experience in sound and musical creation of the two artists in residence, on the other hand, with the bond that the project assumes in relation to a local social reality, starting from the intervention of a selected group of young people close to the 18 years.

For the visual component of this presentation, there will be an intensive video workshop guided by André Tentúgal and Vasco Mendes, aimed to a group of 10 to 15 participants in the MAD Summer School, in video capture and editing, imagining the materials manipulation in real time during the show.

It will be of utmost importance to articulate the two groups, both the artistic residence (guided by Moor Mother and Jonathan Saldanha) and the video workshop (guided by André Tentúgal and Vasco Mendes).

After a period of 3 to 4 days of intense creation, the results of the entire work process will be explored in a public presentation, in the main venue and prime time, on Thursday night, July 19, 2018, integrated in the festival's schedule. In addition to the final show, the trainers will give a presentation of the whole process, addressed to the participants of the MAD Summer School and to the public of the festival in general.


Facilities and Equipment

ESMAD has professional equipment dedicated to the Cinema that will be available to participants: cameras, lenses, lighting kits, sound kits, image accessories, editing workstations, etc. It also has adequate spaces for work within the Video Workshop, including multimedia labs, classrooms, amphitheatres, editing suites and an auditorium.

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Name: Workshop Stereo

Synopsis: Promoted by ESMAD and Curtas in partnership with the festival, the Workshop Stereo (video-musical) will take place between July 16 and 20, at MAD Summer School. The final show will cross music and video and have world premiere during the 2018 edition of Curtas Vila do Conde. American activist Moor Mother and Portuguese musician Jonathan Saldanha (HHY) are joining an artistic residence in July with the young community of Vila do Conde. From the sound work developed by the duo, the participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with the directors Vasco Mendes and André Tentugal on the creation of the visual component.

Video Workshop / Visual component
Name of the mentors: André Tentúgal and Vasco Mendes
Local: B104 (Photography Studio)
Schedule: 16, 17 e 18 (aligned with the schedule spots of the main schedule of the MAD Summer School)

Artistic Residence / Sound component
Name of the mentors: Jonathan Saldanha and Moor Mother
Local: B103A and B103B
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Important Dates

Please take a note on the following deadlines:

  • Proposals Submission: Jun 18, 2018
  • Notification of the results: Jun 25, 2018
  • Registration: Jun 30, 2018 (100% payment)
  • Artistic Residence and Video Workshop: Jul 16-19, 2018
  • Summer School: Jul 16-20, 2018

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Who can apply?

The MAD Summer School of Cinema is designed for:
  • Artists
  • Professionals worldwide
  • Students of higher education

What documents I need?

Submission of application dossier with the following contents:
  • Personal data
  • Identification of the event to which you are applying (Artistic Residence or Video Workshop)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Portfolio

Selection of participants

Mad Summer Cinema School has a limited number of places – we can host from 10 to 15 participants. The participants are selected based on their applications and submitted portfolios. The main selection criteria are the quality of work, motivation and feasibility of proposals.

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Pack Price What includes Links
 P.PORTO community (*) 200€ 100€
  • - All workshops/masterclasses
  • - Coffee Breaks & Lunches & Closing dinner
  • - Free pass for Curtas
  • - Certificate
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 Regular 250€
  • - All workshops/masterclasses
  • - Coffee Breaks & Lunches & Closing dinner
  • - Free pass for Curtas
  • - Certificate
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(*) MSc candidates: 150€

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